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       Most of the residents who live in the countryside in our area generally worked as rubber tappers, indeed this job has existed since ancient times but now it began to decrease because many than they now have to change the land from rubber to oil palm plantation ..
      But that does not mean the rubber plantation was not in the interest anymore .. just sometimes they are searching alternatives in the business of tapping rubber because this depends on the season when the rainy season in general they do not work because the sap of rubber trees exposed to rain water will run out and the trees rubber was not able to be tapped if the stem is wet .. and in the dry season the sap of rubber trees are usually a bit may also influence the water shortage and too hot ..

     In general, rubber farmers usually leave for work early in the morning because if too late a little out of rubber tree sap
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      Who would be a government employee ..? should be all like, including me .. this is now everyone flocked to apply for jobs as public servants despite having to spend tens of millions of dollars can be accepted provided that they are able to become civil servants ..
      So also with parents, they try to send their children to as high as possible in order to be accepted and then later worked in government agencies, in order that they are willing to sacrifice whatever they are able to sell such property such as land, fields, gardens so that their children become civil servants ..
     But to be a public servant is not easy .. we must meet the requirements, passed the acceptance test and pass in the selection among hundreds of other participants and some are through the stage as honorary officials after years of newly appointed permanent staff

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